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Service Catalog Process Workflows using Variables

I’m building a number or Service Catalog items and creating Process Workflows around them.  Having a difficult time incorporating variables into the workflows mainly in Notification and Process Integration items.  Some variables work in some components but not others. Also, cannot find a definitive list of variables available to use. Surely this can't be it Process integrations ( Also looked at the Email Variables but not all of them appear to work in the workflow.

Specifically trying to use the Service Catalog Incident’s Assigned To and Requestor as text in a notification email and to a Process Integration calling API.  Some of the variables just do not work or are not populated as expected. Are there issues or limitation pulling values from the Incident and using them in the Process Workflows?

  • I had a hard time with integrations until I learned that some of the process integrations seemed to like XML more than JSON and vice versa.

    For notifications, I found that I need to create an Email Template rather than an ad hoc email, and to get any reply to come back to the ticket I use the subject: Incident {{incident_number}} - {{incident_title}}

    and I use both custom fields ( {{my_custom_field_in_the_service_catalog_item}}  ) and standard fields (  {{requester_first_name}}  ) in the body of the email:

    Hi {{requester_first_name}},

    I hope this helps.