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Routing Tickets Across Multiple Departments

I have an idea but don't know how to build it out. 

I am wanting to streamline the ticket process for new hires / departures / and transfers. 

Here is what I'm thinking: 

Manager wants to hire additional staff member -> Manager inputs "New Hire Ticket" -> Ticket goes to HR, HR initial task list kicks off, background check, drug test, offer letter, etc... APPROVE OR DENY -> Routes back to Manager (ticket creator) Manager inputs official start date, along with equipment requirements, cubicle number, etc... -> Routes to IT department (with sub departments, Desktop, sys admins, physical security etc  each having their own sub checklists to complete).  IT completes check lists, ticket routes back to HR for new hire orientation, insurance, direct deposit information etc, once complete, HR routes ticket back to hiring manager for final sign off. 

I don't want the process to trigger new tickets to be created for each department, I want everyone involved in the process to be able to pull up SWSD and check the status at any given time, creating multiple tickets would complicate that. 

Another consideration would be that of PII present in the ticket. Some things not everyone needs to see, like SSN, salary, etc. 

I realize this could get complicated quickly but I believe this would bring immense value to the company by driving efficiencies and streamlining processes. 

Is this even possible?? 

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