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Assigning a different owner to "Other Assets" Based on Input field?


I and trying to understand how I would be able to assign an owner to a newly created "Other Asset" through Process Integration.  I know that you assign the owner by using the {{requester_email}} and {{}}. But sometimes the person who is submitting the request isn't the same person who is going to be the owner of this "Other Asset". I originally built a Dynamic Form Rule to add an "Employee" field to these requests. Is there a way to pull this "Employee" field as the owner of the "Other Asset"? 

Is it even possible to pass these fields to the Process integration if they are coming from a Dynamic Form Rule? 


    <name>Key Fob</name>
        <name>Information Technology</name>
        <name>Key Fob</name>
    <serial_number>{{Key Fob ID}}</serial_number>
        <email>{{What would I place here?}}</email>
        <email>{{What would I place here?}}</email>
  • Howdy ,

    You're so close, but yes! You just have to make sure the Process Integration(PI) doesn't run until after the Dynamic Form Rule/Form is completed. 

    There are two potential options to put in, 1 being {{requester}} if it should be the requester, or {{custom field name}} if you're having them identify the owner in a custom field. Here's an example with a screenshot:

    <owner><id>{{User Pick List}}</id></owner>

    Hope this helps!

  • Thanks! The issue was resolved with the method given. 

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