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Auto-create a new ticket from an existing ticket

Our campus on-boarded to a ServiceDesk instance this year.  I would like to know if/how an existing ticket can generate a new ticket when it reaches a certain stage.  The idea is as follows.

  1. From the service catalog, a new user account request ticket is submitted using the template in the self-service portal.
    1. Ticket filled in with required information.
    2. The ticket includes a task to add the new user email in the ticket when it's ready.
  2. Technician works the ticket.
    1. Enters the new user email.
    2. Marks that task as complete.
  3. A new ticket is generated once the task is marked complete.
    1. It captures several values from the existing ticket, including the new student email.

If anyone has a working example of what they did, I would really appreciate some help getting our instance configured.