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Attachment File Limits

Does anyone know if there is a file size limit for attachments?

  • Hi , the file size limit for attachments is 25MB. We have it capped at that size due to email limitations and don't want for an email to not go out to an end users or agent because the file is too big. If you need to attach something larger then 25MB, we recommend hosting the file on an external source (sharepoint, google drive, etc) and adding a link to that file in the comment in SWSD.

  • The problem with asking a customer to link the file, is that they can't verify we received the content, and it slows down units like our production print shop, which regularly receives files way bigger than 25MB.  A OneDrive, or Microsoft Teams integration is the best option, because we can setup a drive with enough space.  Authenticated clients could just submit their file, and it automatically goes to the OneDrive/Teams directory.  Follow-up emails would not need to include the actual file, just a reference that the file was uploaded.