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looking for assistance creating a GPO login script to install the Discovery Agent on my computers

We don't use InTune and all of servers are 2012r2 or older. I need to create a GPO and login script to install the Discovery agent on all of our computers. If there is a faster/easier way to do this I am also open to that.

There are approx 250 computers in the environment and we are a nonprofit with minimal upgrade path right now so whatever we do needs to work with a 2012r2 environment. 

We also have 4 DCs and we have multiple subnets (if it matters) 10.0, 10.1, 10.2,...10.10

  • , does the Discovery Agent installer have an MSI file extension? If so then you could use Software Deployment directly without the need for login scripts (it's a lot more straightforward this way vs. login scripts). Here's a resource that I use often when I have to create these types of GPOs. One of the main gotchas that I've run across is that the location of the installation files needs to be readable by all users and computers so if you store it on a share that has restricted permissions it'll lead to failures. Something I've kind of done as standard practice to overcome it is whenever I do something like this I place the installation files in NETLOGON because by default all authenticated users and computers has read access to that location. 

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