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Get Incidents, filter by Assigned?

I am trying to filter by user assigned. I am using the incidents operation; getIncidents from the API. I found this in the forum which helped a lot with querying via a time window:

I see a lot of query parameters being used but not documented nor mentioned here:

Does anyone have a source? Or is it possible to filter by assigned?

Thank you. 

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  • It's not the best situation, but yeah that's how people discover them. It's been a common ask for improved API documentation so hopefully this is something that they can improve in the future.

    If you get stuck on any in particular, people in the forum are usually quick to help so let us know!

  • Thanks a lot. I appreciate your help.

    So I tried this out and that does not seem to work. I played with the URL for a bit. I took out the square brackets and instead of using the assignee ID, I used the group ID. I checked if the assignee is placed in any group, and they are not. This URL gives me what I want but why the group ID and not the ID #999999? Very odd.[Select+Date+Range]&created_custom_gte=[2022-04-23T08:28:00.6807143Z]&created_custom_lte=[2022-05-05T08:28:00.6807143Z]&assigned_to=100000&page=1&per_page=1000

  • Every user has their own "group" that only they are part of. For some reason the API uses the group ID for GET requests on assignee. My guess is to make it easier to also search for Groups that can be assignees