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API - Sample Add Attachment via Powershell?

I'm very new to Invoke-RestMethod and have been successful at pulling the data that I want.   Thanks to a few posts I've seen here. 


One challenge that seems to stump me is how to add an attachment to an incident via powershell.  I see the api docs have a curl example.  I have not seen any PS examples and my poor brain is unable to convert the syntax of curl to Invoke-RestMethod.

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  • Thanks Mitch, 

    I am able to do everything I want with the API except posting an attachment.

    I looked at your comments and google hunted some other examples of Invoke-RestMethod posting.  Unfortunately none of them seem to work for SWSD API.  So I'm clearly missing a key piece of the puzzle. 

    I did ask SWSD support for help but their first response wasn't very helpful.  

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