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Service Catalog processes requiring multiple participant inputs

So unless I've been missing something for quite a long time, I don't think there's a great way to accomplish what I'm after in a meaningful way.  The system can ALMOST accommodate using various techniques, but nothing is really satisfying.  Anyhow, I'm curious how people are dealing with workflows that really require inputs from multiple people in the real world.

For example: our onboarding process requires input from both HR and the hiring manager.  Currently we force all employee status requests through HR so that we get accurate data (e.g. names, reporting structure, etc), but HR has no idea if the new employee requires a laptop.  This puts HR in a position to ask the hiring manager offline, and because that's a pain they often just punt, which puts IT in a position to hunt people down.  So our workflows are somewhat cluttered with crumby tasks like "determine if they need a flippin computer" when someone chooses the "I dunno" option.

It really feels like the system should be able to handle things like this.  Process Stage 1 variables are completed by X, and Process Stage 2 variables are completed by Y, and then IT can do its thing.  Instead we're locked into a "one person gets one try to fill out these variables correctly and if they don't do it right then IT can just pick up the pieces."

Thoughts or suggestions?

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