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Service Catalog processes requiring multiple participant inputs

So unless I've been missing something for quite a long time, I don't think there's a great way to accomplish what I'm after in a meaningful way.  The system can ALMOST accommodate using various techniques, but nothing is really satisfying.  Anyhow, I'm curious how people are dealing with workflows that really require inputs from multiple people in the real world.

For example: our onboarding process requires input from both HR and the hiring manager.  Currently we force all employee status requests through HR so that we get accurate data (e.g. names, reporting structure, etc), but HR has no idea if the new employee requires a laptop.  This puts HR in a position to ask the hiring manager offline, and because that's a pain they often just punt, which puts IT in a position to hunt people down.  So our workflows are somewhat cluttered with crumby tasks like "determine if they need a flippin computer" when someone chooses the "I dunno" option.

It really feels like the system should be able to handle things like this.  Process Stage 1 variables are completed by X, and Process Stage 2 variables are completed by Y, and then IT can do its thing.  Instead we're locked into a "one person gets one try to fill out these variables correctly and if they don't do it right then IT can just pick up the pieces."

Thoughts or suggestions?

  • Hi ,

    My name is Kfir and I am a senior product manager on the Solarwinds Service Desk product team.
    Thanks a lot for the question. 
    We are thinking on a direction that will address the scenario you described here and I would like to have a call with you to get more details. 
    Is that possible?  

  • Yes, that would be great.  I believe that we aren't using the system as effectively as we could, but also that there are some feature gaps that are difficult to work around.  Please let me know how we should get in touch.

  • Great! 
    I will email you directly to sync. 
    Thanks a lot and have a great day

  • In a similar boat.  How we are doing it now is make the hiring manager fill out the onboarding ticket since they should know almost all of the info.  Then the request gets sent to HR for approval.  Basically double checking what they show in their system matches what is put in the ticket.  Once it is approved it kicks off the IT tasks.  However, a 2 stage request would be extremely beneficial in multiple use cases. 

  • Hi

    Thanks for sharing the information. 
    My name is Kfir cohen and I am a product manager on the Service Desk product team. 
    I would like to have a call with you on this topic and will contact you directly. 

  • I'm actually running into a similar issue.  I'm going to try and address this by having an onboarding request filled out by HR and a task assigned to the hiring manager to fill out a service request for a new laptop.  Not ideal but I'm hoping it will make it a bit cleaner.

  • Yeah, I think I tried that and if I remember correctly, the problem will be that the manager won't have access to the ticket itself, and tasks can't have dynamic titles.  Thus the manager will get a random task to "Put in Service Request for New Laptop" without any context.  

    Would love to find out that I'm wrong about that though because it could sorta work.

  • Finally!  I'm in exactly the same position!  Have been wondering how I was going to make this solution bend to my will but haven't had the cycles to properly investigate.  And of course it involves onboarding and offboarding of users.  Nice to know I'm not the only one.  Can anyone describe the progress that has been made on this?  It seems some product managers were reaching out to previous posters.

  • We are also having the same issue.  We have the hiring manager fill out the form and the HR to approve it.  But not being able to access the form has lead to a lot of disapprovals and since they can't access the form the requesting hiring manager doesn't know why the disapproval.

  • I met with Kfir after my original post and we went over this topic and other issues.  If I understood correctly, they are working (or planning on working) on at least one piece of functionality that could alleviate some of this problem.  I don't see anything on the roadmap that is specifically related, but perhaps some combination of upcoming enhancements will help.  I too would like to hear if there has been any progress.  Things here are getting worse, not better, and we are looking at splitting certain catalog items into multiples, with silly tasks like "make sure so-and-so creates service request."  With an ever-full queue of open tickets, this will create additional unwelcome management overhead.