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Service Desk (Samanage) | AzureAD User Provisioning

I have been working on setting up the AzureAD provisioning for Solar Winds (ref). It appears to be updating users correctly, but it will not create a new user. I keep receiving an error "AzureActiveDirectoryRolesExpectedInComplexFormat". The role mapping is entered exactly as specified in the instruction docs, and I am even unable to change the mapping (it keeps reverting back to default). Does anyone know if there's a resolution to this so I can create users in my Solar Winds tenant?

Similarly, I am also trying to update some custom fields, but have been unable to do that. Is this possible via the AzureAD provisioning functionality?

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    Custom fields are not currently supported with the Azure integration.  This is something we have spoken to Microsoft about but we are unsure if they plan on adding this capability in the future.  As for creating users, the typical process is to assign users to roles based on group membership.  So under Users & Groups on the Azure side, you should be able to choose a group and select the role that members of that group will get when they are provisioned.  If you are still having issues, I would encourage you to submit a support ticket and we can get someone to take a look at your configuration.



  • Was looking back and remembered this question. Do you happen to know if the option for custom fields in the Azure integration has gotten any traction? Thanks!

  • Nothing that I know of, however, the Enterprise App is owned by Microsoft. SolarWinds has no control over it, but I would also love to see this added as functionality and I know many others would as well.

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