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We are testing out the Teams app to create and update tickets. One thing we would like to know is when a comment is added by a tech if a notification can be sent back to the Teams app for that user. They don't seem to get any notification any action was taken on their ticket in the app. 

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  • Okay. I am not sure why it wouldn't be working. It sounds like a permissions thing because I just tested ours in 2.0 and it worked perfectly. I was able to comment on the ticket through Teams and when another Tech commented on it, I received a notification in Teams with all the comments thus far. Yet, I am not seeing anywhere in SolarWinds or in Exchange/Teams for permissions settings unless it is something to do with your Comments settings in Settings > Global Settings> Service Desk Settings, but I am not sure why else you wouldn't be seeing comment updates in real time. Below is what I see in my Teams when a comment is submitted, which is what you all should be seeing as well. 

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