Is there a way to hide the "requestor" field for service catalogue requests?

 I ask because in my case users are able to submit requests on behalf of other users, when this happens and the request needs to have manager approval, the approval will go to the one who is requesting on behalf of the person rather than the other person's manager.

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  • Hi Chazz, 

    Thanks for your response! Unfortunately I'd like to keep that option open as we have office admins and managers submitting service requests on behalf of new hires.. 

    Here is an example of one of our forms:

    Besides turning off the option to allow users to submit on behalf of others do you know of any workaround to have the generated ticket update approvals for the "Who will this software be assigned to" user?

    Let me know,


  • The only work around I can think of is creating a service catolog form/item that is department specific and then create a user group that is specific to each department (includes managers/approvers from that department). Then for each separate catolog form, make it department specific for the title, something like "HR New Hire Equipment Request" or whatever your ticket is for. Then make the required approver the department group that you created. Then whoever is in that group can approve it. Honestly, that sounds like a lot of work as I don't know how many departments your business has, but that is the only work around I can see. If I am understanding you correctly, the individual submitting the ticket changed the Requester to the person they are submitting it on behalf of? It is strange that it wouldn't default to that person listed as the requester and defaults to the person who actually submitted it.