Unable to create incident via api using catalogue item

import requests

def create_incident(title, description, priority, catalog_item_id, category, subcategory):

                        incident_data = {

                            "incident": {

                                "name": title,

                                "description": description,

                                "priority": priority,

                                "catalog_item_id": catalog_item_id,

                                "Employee name": Employee_Email,

                                "Subsidiary": Subsidiary,

                                "category": {

                                "name": category


                                "subcategory": {

                                "name": subcategory




                        # Make API request to create incident

                        headers = {

                            'X-Samanage-Authorization': 'Bearer xxxx’

                            'Content-Type': 'application/json'


                        create_incident_url = 'api.samanage.com/incidents.json'


                        print("Incident Data Sent:")

                        print(incident_data)  # Print the incident data being sent


                        response = requests.post(create_incident_url, headers=headers, json=incident_data)

                        # Print API response for debugging

                        print("API Response:")

                        print(response.text)  # Print the API response text

                        # Handle response status

                        if response.status_code == 201:

                            # Extract and print incident number if needed

                            incident_number = response.json()["incident"]["display_id"]

                            print(f"Incident created successfully! Incident Number: {incident_number}")


                            print(f"Error creating incident: {response.text}")

title = "TEST"

description = "TEST"

priority = "Low"

catalog_item_id = “123456 

Employee_Email = “abc@abc@gmail.com

category = “ABC” 

subcategory = “ABC” 

# Call the function to create the incident

create_incident(title, description, priority, catalog_item_id, category, subcategory)