SWSD InTune integration issue

Hello all, new member here, so I apologize if this issue has been addressed already.

I am trying to setup the discovery connection between our InTune and SWSD, I have gone through the instructions in the documentation for SD and created the app registration in our InTune site. When I try to create the connection in the SD it redirects me to the Microsoft login page for authentication for our domain.

When I enter my network admin credentials, I receive the "DomainName".org isnt in our system. Make sure you typed it correctly. which then pops an 'internal server error' on the SD site when I attempt it again. Seems to me the redirect to Microsoft authentication is taking me to the public login side, rather than the government cloud side of the authentication.

For background, we are using a Azure/Entra domain on the microsoft government cloud, I have selected the government option in the discovery connection in SD and have double checked all the app registration settings in InTune site and rechecked the client app ID and secret ID hashes.

I have also reached out to SW tech support, I was informed that a fix had been applied to our site, alas to no avail.

Any help would be appreciated.

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