API create Incident after template (catalog item)


I`m using API to automatically create incidents. But also we have some catalog items in Solarwinds.

I want to create incidents under these templates (catalog items).

Is that possible with API? If yes, could you provide some example of code?

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  • Hi  ,

    I get this one, The process integration where you are heading Setup > Integrations > Process Integration is where integrations are managed , that's not where you set up the actual workflow.

    Here's the breakdown:

    1. Credentials Setup:

      • Head to Setup > Integrations > Process Integration.
      • This section is for managing credentials used by various integrations.

    2. Workflow Integration:

      • Navigate to the specific catalog item where you want to create incidents automatically.
      • Within the workflow editor, you'll find an option to add a "Process Integration" action.
      • This is where you choose the pre-configured integration (with its credentials) to trigger incident creation on specific events.

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