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Is there a way to automatically add assets to the related tab of a ticket once the employee is selected? I am creating a ticket for HR to submit when an employee leaves the company and we'd like HR to see that a certain employee has devices that will need to be retrieved. Just wondering if there is some kind of condition or logic I can apply to make this happen once the Employee name is selected from the drop down or if there is a way to require the Requester to choose the related devices when they appear based on the employee they chose? I also don't see that as a requestor I can attach a related asset in the first place, although I saw a question that referenced this could be done. Is that something I need to turn on?

  • Hi  ,

    In SWSD assets can not be selected automatically while you create ticket on behalf of someone or any requester creates tickets, there are two workarounds that can streamline this process.

    1. Asset List During Ticket Creation:

    • When creating the ticket as a requester , If you are listed as the owner of an asset, such as a computer or laptop, you can associate related assets when you create a new incident ticket.

    2. Technician Visibility through Smart Suggestions:

    • Once the ticket is created, technicians assigned to the ticket will benefit from Smart Suggestions. This feature automatically surfaces assets which assigned to requester. This allows technicians to promptly view the associated assets without needing manual intervention.

  • Thank you for your help! I was able to see that we did not have Related Assets visible on the tickets. Now it is. That will be a helpful workaround.

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