Separating Queue Permissions

Hi All-

Can you limit what agents can access certain tickets in the SaaS platform by queue?

can you also assign to a queue based on the email the ticket was sent to?

for example, if we wanted the HR team to use the system along side IT, can we make it so that we have another mail drop box for their requests and anything sent via it gets assigned to that queue?

  • Hi  , yes this is totally possible within SWSD. There are a couple ways you can accomplish this:

    1. Create email dropboxes for categories that have the default assignee set to queues. This will take the email sent to that dropbox and make sure its in the right category and assign it to the queue. With this, you can also limit who can see the incidents coming into that category to protect any information that should only be for the assignee's eyes. 
      1. Category Dropbox
      2. Default assignee on category/subcategory
    2. You should also look into Enterprise Service Management (ESM) to accomplish this. Using ESM will allow your HR team to have their own separated area in SWSD so they can configure and manage their own categories, roles/permissions, email templates, notifications, etc. This will also make sure that only the HR team has access to the incidents coming into their service provider which helps with data privacy concerns that all HR departments have. 
      1. Enterprise Service Management (ESM)

    Hope that helps!