Email routing for agents from external sources

I am having some issues getting my email routing correct.  I want to have a CPG customer like a soft drink company or cereal manufacture send in a customer order for product.  this would then come to the service desk from the email orders@....

Based on a specific email address I need it to route to a specific customer service agent and their backup for that specific customer domain.   We receive about 90% of our orders via email.   We are migrating from Freshdesk and need that functionality.   Also, with Freshdesk as this is a customer facing piece, they can have schedules for holidays send automated emails out to the customers sending to the orders@ email which is different from a typical outlook responder.   I realize this is a lot in a single question, but I wanted to see if there was some support on this in the community before I go to SolarWinds.  I am sure it's just me, but I am not seeing it.  

IT queue would be itsupport@... email, 

Customer service would be orders@... email.

Can someone help me understand the process?