Email routing for agents from external sources

I am having some issues getting my email routing correct.  I want to have a CPG customer like a soft drink company or cereal manufacture send in a customer order for product.  this would then come to the service desk from the email orders@....

Based on a specific email address I need it to route to a specific customer service agent and their backup for that specific customer domain.   We receive about 90% of our orders via email.   We are migrating from Freshdesk and need that functionality.   Also, with Freshdesk as this is a customer facing piece, they can have schedules for holidays send automated emails out to the customers sending to the orders@ email which is different from a typical outlook responder.   I realize this is a lot in a single question, but I wanted to see if there was some support on this in the community before I go to SolarWinds.  I am sure it's just me, but I am not seeing it.  

IT queue would be itsupport@... email, 

Customer service would be orders@... email.

Can someone help me understand the process?

  • Howdy  !

    The Categories is where you'll want to start. So let's navigate to Setup>Service Desk>Categories

    Once there, select your category, in my example it is Customer Service. When you are in the Edit window, you'll see an option for "Create email dropbox"

    Click there, and you'll see some options. Out of the box, we'll generate a dropbox for you that you can forward your emails to. This would be the (orders@... email) forwarding to the new dropbox we created for you.

    Alternatively, you can just put your (orders@... email) in that box, replacing our dropbox, and have those emails forwarding to the main account email for your Service Desk tenant. Then you'll follow the steps to add your Account Unique Code to your DNS server. See these two links to documentation below:
    Account Summary

    Category dropbox emails

    Hope this helps! Looking forward to hearing back from you.  Slight smile

  • How does this help me route the emails to the specific users? 

  • Howdy again,  

    I totally forgot to mention that step...

    There are two main ways you'll be able to use in order to route.

    The first is very closely related to what we're already discussing with Categories. You'll see a "Default Assignee" option when managing the category. You can select a Group, Queue or Individual there.

    Alternatively/in addition, you can leverage Automation Rules. Navigate to Setup>Service Desk>Automations. Click the plus at the top right to create a new rule, and model it like the screenshot below, adding in additional conditions and/or actions as needed.

    You can add other Conditions such as Keyword, to help route to different teams. You can add more actions such as Category/Subcategory if you'd like those to be affected as well.

    Again, I hope this helps! Looking forward to hearing back from you. Slight smile

  • This is helping a lot.   Thank you.   My main concern is with Freshdesk today we can route inbound email to both a primary and secondary based on domain, I assume I handle that in automation?  They set it up this way so they could provide all customers one email address but still manage accounts based on customer.   

  • Use and abuse the automations to your hearts desire! Let us know if you're finding a limitation in your use case and we can see if we have a solution around it, or if we have a new feature to consider. 

    Thanks, Jeremy!

  • I just converted to ESM.   I had not done that before, So I am starting over, where I will have Customer service in their own space.   I am excited to try this out.  Will it work the same as described above?   Also, it was great chatting with you.  I hope it all works out for ThwackCAMP.  I hate to ask but for these other roles, I will need to buy more agents, correct?   Since they will all be agents.   Last thing, the OOO responder, can that be applied to the team as a whole and individually?   Here is why I ask.  Today the team lead sets the OOO for the holidays etc., but there are the individual agents.   The main email is orders@...  but the agent would be separate.   Is that possible?

  • Howdy again,

    I'll list the questions out and answer in line.

    • Will it work the same as described above?
      • Yes!
    • I will need to buy more agents, correct?
      • Unless they are already licensed, then yes. You only need to license a technician once, though. So if you're a tech in the IT instance as well as in three others, that's still just one license.
    • Last thing, the OOO responder, can that be applied to the team as a whole and individually?
      • No, each user would need to create their own OOO. However, the system does allow you to set business hours and holidays. Using Automation Rules, you can create custom responses to deliver during out of office hours.
  • OK thank you.   Can you tell I am getting excited for ESM.   I have it installed and am about to really dive in.