Difficulty provisioning manager field from Azure/Entra to SWSD

Seems to be a similar issue to:  SWSD user provisioning via Azura/Entra has stopped working

When attempting to provision users from Entra ID, string fields work as expected and Entra values appear in SWSD but the manager field never maps to "reports_to."

Reports_to is assigned to manager in the mappings, and here is the attribute list:

Is there something I am doing wrong with the manager field?

  • Howdy  ,

    Is this the SolarWinds Service Desk 'Enterprise App' as it was added to Entra "Out of the Box'? 

    If you're using the app as you add it out of the box, that field usually doesn't populate on the first pass. It's a Chicken and the Egg scenario where, the manager can't be populated in that field if they aren't also included in the provisioning. So if all users in the system are included in provisioning, then this shouldn't be an issue, but if you're just testing with 1 or 2 users, it may fail.

    Let me know and we can continue to discuss.

  •    Hello! I believe it was added out of the box so to say. It is the Enterprise App in Entra but its so old (~2017) its still call Samange. We have about a 1000 users in SWSD that sync with Entra, and they do have managers in SWSD so presumably that field used to sync. Something stopped working at some point as the manager info is out of date for a lot of users.

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