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We currently use SWSD for break/fix items & Target Process for bugs, enhancements and projects.  Bringing a large amount of users into SWSD with licenses does not seem as feasible as we thought first and upon looking into it further discovered the integration option with Zapier for Target Process.  Does anyone have experience with utilizing this feature via Zapier for Target Process or another system that could shed some light on their experience?  

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    I love that you're looking to expand the use of processes! Did you know that you don't have to be licensed to complete a task or approval? 

    I'm not sure how your process flows work, or who would need access to the technician side of the platform, but as a previous customer of the tool myself, I created business processes where only a manager was licensed, and all of the team completing tasks were only Service Task Users (no cost). This allowed the team to leverage those processes without needing to license the entire department. And it's not just the process that is valuable, right? It's the record keeping, auditability and visibility!

    Eager to hear more and to see other discuss. 

  • That is a good point to note, about limiting licenses and designating a few folks to work on the technician side.  That may be a point to bring up to others.  The goal is to work all break/fix items in SWSD and when an enhancement, project or bug is identified, to move the item to target process - which is more project based / multiple teams and individuals can be assigned to one item. 

    I would be curious if a service task user in the portal view could derive and assist with information / replying to comments to assist with a break fix.  This may be a more general question, but if a Service Task User is CC'd on an incident - will they see that in their portal view?  that may be a good solution to what we're running into with overall license counts.  

    Thank you for your reply and any feedback you may provide!

  • Glad I could help,  !

    To answer your question: 

    if a Service Task User is CC'd on an incident - will they see that in their portal view?

    Yes! They can also see emails when comments are added.

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