Why Doesn't Portal View Show Dynamic Forms and Custom Fields Even When Dynamic Rules Are Used?

For context, I primarily work with Service Desk for Change Management documentation and ticketing. Despite having created custom fields that are set to be visible in Portal, added them to dynamic forms which are also set to be visible in Portal, and enabled the forms using dynamic rules these fields are not visible in Portal to any of my users. I have my dynamic rules set to display the form whenever one of the eight categories are selected, so it's always going to be pre-selected when the user clicks on the catalog item and makes the request, therefore the customer forms should always be visible. However, the only fields visible are Requester, CC, and the option to Attach Files (as configured elsewhere in SWSD).

I have read other threads on this topic, with statements from SW representatives advising that custom fields, dynamic forms, and dynamic rules should work in Portal if configured correctly. Through a live chat discussion with an expert in the ServiceDesk application itself, I was told that only process fields are visible in Portal. I would like to move forward with my change management ticketing projects, but I need clear information about what options are available to me within Service Desk.

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