Decoding Origins: A Deep Dive into the Origin Report – Unveiling Ticket Channels in Your Data-Driven Storytelling Journey

Origin Report – Part of the Report Series: Mastering the Art of Reporting: Your Essential Guide to Data-Driven Storytelling

A report showing the method by which a ticket was received or created. This can be run for a specific team, category, or the entire organization.

What Story Does This Report Tell?

This report unveils the story of where your tickets are originating and the channels connecting users with your support teams.

  • The creation of this report is straightforward. Choose your desired time frame, categories, or locations to measure against, and group the data by Origin.

One of the most valuable insights from this report is establishing a baseline: "Here is how we receive tickets." Why is this important? A key focus in maturing Service Management is fostering smarter, more efficient engagements with end-users. Measuring the number of tickets originating from the Portal is a good indicator of that, as is understanding how many come from your virtual agent/chat bot. Once you establish a baseline, such as 50% of all tickets coming in via email, you can concentrate on shifting some of that number to portal submissions. This not only provides data but also a compelling story to tell!

As with all reports, you can add filters to focus on specific parts of the organization or certain types of issues.

I hope this review of the Origin Report was helpful. Remember, this is a discussion post, so I encourage you to share your thoughts, collaborate, and discuss!