What We're Working On for SWSD (December 13th, 2022)

Strengthening the ITSM Core   

  • Field logic to hide or show multiple fields in one rule(New) (THWACK Feature Request)
  • Notify queue managers of SLA breaches for tickets in the queue (New)
  • Move Network Devices to CI data model
  • Relate changes to changes (or any other type of record to be linked) (THWACK Feature Request 1) (THWACK Feature Request 2) (THWACK Feature Request 3
  • Custom satisfaction surveys
  • Auto save text in comments and other text fields (New)
  • Show audit on custom fields along with better notifications/visibility in where fields are used (New)
  • Be able to select language on login page (New)
  • Catalog item request count (New)


  • PowerBI Connector:
    • Take from beta to built-in connector
    • Updated Beta version
    • Pull additional incident data (New) (THWACK Post/Voting)
  • CSV export option for scheduled reports (Released November 27)

  Workflows and Automation   

  • Provide a way to test workflows without changing the workflows and without submitting actual service requests (THWACK Feature Request)
  • Add description field to automations create action (Released November 27)

  Service Engagements   

  • Integrations:
    • DRE - Unattended mode (Released December 11)
    • Move Intune integration to Connections page
    • Microsoft Teams Integration Phase III – categories and subcategories, attachments (Released November 27)
    • Slack integration (Released November 27)
  • API:
    • Adding fields documentation (New)
    • Improving service desk API Documentation (New)

Discovery/Asset Management

  • Auto update Discovery Agent libraries
  • Show discovery source
  • Delete all software with zero install (Released November 27)
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