Using Dynamic Forms, Custom Forms, and Custom Fields

In the ever-changing ITSM landscape, we are finding it harder and harder to collect the correct information up front or even throughout the incident lifecycle. SolarWinds Service Desk has the flexibility needed to support your constantly evolving needs.  Be it new hardware requests, server issues, or network outages, getting the information you need to support your end users is key to meeting your Service Level Agreements (SLAs).  In this quick video, I’ll show you the power of Dynamic Forms and give you the simple steps to set them up for your infrastructure.

We'll cover how to do the following:

  • Create both global and service catalog custom fields
  • Create custom forms, add fields to the form, and apply form logic
  • Setup dynamic form rules to display the right forms and fields at the correct time
  • Use custom fields and field logic to dynamically display fields during a service request

For more information about using Custom Forms, Custom Fields, and Dynamic Forms, please feel free to ask questions below or review the following links:

SolarWinds Service Desk Success Center

Let me know how you are using dynamic forms or how you are planning to use dynamic forms, in the comments below!

  • How do I set up a custom field so it appears as an option in the "Field" dropdown when setting conditions for automations? Right now I can see some of the custom fields that have been set up, but not all of them.

  • Wish I had seen this yesterday :-)

    I recently added custom fields to incidents based on what subcategory is selected. E.g., Subcategory = zoom, display fields: "Meeting ID", "Date / Time", "Host". All necessary information for Zoom Support when submitting tickets to them. 

    Another simple example is a mandatory field in all Incidents to select: Working From: "Office", "Remote Home", "Remote Other". Helps to set the stage for helping the customer to determine if using VPN or maybe at a Hotel etc.     

  • Have used forms to allow certain forms (with selected fields) to show when catagories are picked.  Simple example: Printer toner replacement we require the ID of the printer and room (one form) but a repair of the printer, we require the ID, room, error message/description of issue (another form).  I can control the form that shows based on the category.  Huge improvement  from what it was before.  

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