SWSD October 29th: Dynamic Approvals

Dynamic Approvers ensure the correct approvers are in place. One of the more challenging things to do, in any organization, is to keep your service requests and runbooks up to date with the correct approvers. You are now able to build relationships directly on a user’s profile, so your workflows auto-fill the correct approver based on the relationships of roles, rather than the names of individuals. This will help eliminate the need for multiple conditions sets just to make sure the approval gets to the right person. 

For setup information, see Dynamic Approvers 
New update failure notification helps keep your Discovery Agents up to date: Keeping your discovery agents up to date is critical to ensure you’re receiving the latest enhancements, patches, and security fixes. With this release, if we’re unable to update a discovery agent, SolarWinds Service Desk sends you a notification letting you know the update failed and for which agent(s). This gives you the opportunity to then manually update the agents to the latest version.  

For more information, see Discovery Agent Install Failure Summary

Also in this release: 

  • New filters in the custom forms index 
  • Define a range of IPs to scan with network discovery to only scan those IPs 
  • Ability to remove buttons from notification emails 
  • Time tracking submission no longer requires commenting 


See our release notes for additional features. SWSD Release Notes 


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  •  Note: My two fields now show up as selectable when i click on show relationship chart. I am able to select the path to approval. This in turn looks at the assigned department director or deputy director and assigns any approval task to whomever is pre-defined at the user profile level:

  • If you follow their guide, which i agree its not quite clear, the fields show up per user and you can "assign" a director per user. This is the manual part. You can also do this via an API but for the amount of people we have i would rather do the mass assignment via the user list option. Anyway, the approval tasks now look like this once you add the fields and you add people to those fields on each user profile:

  • Hi cdow. So we have the same setup through Entra. We have the default "Reports to" which SW does a good job of definthing immedate manager, etc. By doing the dynamic approver, you can now have a purposeful use of a role such as, in my case, department director for approvals or deputy director for other types of approvals. 

  • Ok i managed to figure out how this works. I actually like it now. Its cool. The only thing is the updating of the users which is not a game changer. Going to post some pictures on how i did this.

  • And by the way, these directors serve different units. If what i am thinking is not possible then i guess i have to do a dependency based on entered text and do a process integration to update the actual director based on the dependency? Maybe i need to do a show field logic of HR Director, IT Director, etc via a custom form and a dynamic form rule?

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