SWSD Nov 26th: Modify input after submitting

Allowing flexibility once incidents and requests are submitted. Flexibility and adaptability are key hallmarks of a strong ITSM team. Once an incident or service request is submitted, it's common for new information to surface that would require updating the information in the ticket. In some cases, even requiring the removal of information that should not be stored in a ticket. Now agents can edit fields within both Incident and Service Request tickets after they’ve been submitted and rerun any associated workflows. This new feature is being introduced via our Labs section which allows you to control who has access to the feature for testing and updating documentation.

See Modify Inputs Documentation  

Keeping Changes on schedule with Dynamic Approvers. Last month we introduced dynamic approvers for service requests and runbooks and now we’re bringing that capability to Changes. As a reminder, you are now able to build relationships directly on a user’s profile, so your workflows auto-fill the correct approver based on the relationships of roles, rather than the names of individuals. This will help eliminate the need for multiple conditions sets just to make sure the approval gets to the right person.  

See Dynamic Approvers  

Also in this release: 

  • Maintaining rich text formatting from Jira tickets 
  • Adding SSA agreement information to account details 


See our release notes for additional features. SWSD Release Notes 


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