SWSD Jan 21st : Better approval collaboration and service request to incident conversions

We hope everyone is off to a strong New Year. We had a lot of new features and enhancements added in 2023 and we’re not slowing down for 2024. Please watch your emails for our upcoming quarterly customer roadmap webcast that will be held in March.

Driving stronger approval collaboration by viewing other approvals in the portal. For many organizations, some workflows require multiple approvals to complete a request. Now approvers will be able to see other approvals in the portal that have already been completed including any comments left by those approvers. This helps other approvers make a more informed decision based on what’s already been approved so far.

Ensure accurate reporting, processes, and customer experiences by converting Service Requests to Incidents when needed. Sometimes users mistakenly create service requests when they should be creating incidents instead. When this occurs, it can cause reporting issues and make it difficult to manage the incidents if they’re pushed through a service request process. Now your agents can take a service request and convert it into an incident on behalf of your end users.

Also in this release:

  • Discovery Agent upgrades to OpenSSL 3.0 and Ruby 3.0
  • API enhancements including default business hours now set and additional “updated at” fields now usable


See our release notes for additional features. SWSD Release Notes


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  • Converting SR to Incident is a great tool, thanks for this team. We already have had a use case where a requester selected a New Laptop Catalogue item as their laptop had been stolen. We were able to convert to an incident and run our Lost/Stolen Device "Runbook" to collate all the relevant details.

    No more ticket duplication and linking, great job!

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