SWSD Feb 4th : Enterprise Service Management

Before we jump into this release, if you are interested in sharing your story on how you’ve been changing the game within your IT department, and how SolarWinds Service Desk has helped; we’d love to spotlight you and your success. Send a message to rj.gazarek@solarwinds.com if you’re interested. I hear he might have some extra SolarWinds swag laying around.   

Okay, let’s dive into this week’s update! 

Last year we announced the release of Enterprise Service Management (ESM), allowing other departments in your organization to use SolarWinds Service Desk for their own needs. We were so excited to see how many of you are empowering and enabling other departments to replicate what you do so well; making their services available to the company, capturing and tracking their own tickets, and creating their own service portals all while keeping access to their data under their own control.  

We have a lot of plans to continue enhancing our ESM capabilities, starting with today’s release.  


Ticket Forwarding helps get tickets to the right team quickly. It is common in an organization with multiple departments for an employee to open a ticket with one department that should have been opened with a different one. For example, someone having trouble with building access may open a ticket with security when it should really be opened with facilities. Now, if a department receives an incident meant for another department, they can seamlessly forward that ticket to the appropriate department.  


ESM now has shared Custom Fields. Since the release, each department (or what we call service provider) has had their own set of custom fields. However, in many cases, companies have standardized objects that apply across the company and should be captured by most departments. Now, you can create custom fields at the organization level, allowing each service provider to automatically inherit these custom fields, making them available for use right away. Don’t worry, each service provider can still create their own custom fields as needed.  


Virtual Agent for ESM. For customers that have used our virtual agent, you were unable to properly use it with an ESM setup. We’ve now extended the use of the Virtual Agent across all service providers, making it available for use at the organization level. When users visit your organization landing page, the virtual agent can guide them to selecting which department they want to interact with, and search the knowledge base or open tickets with that department.  


Thank you to everyone who continues to provide us feedback on ESM allowing us to build the right set of capabilities for you. 


See our release notes for additional features. SWSD Release Notes 


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