SWSD Dec 10th : Received Quantities In Purchase Orders

Getting what you’ve paid for and not wasting your budget. SolarWinds Service Desk can serve as your system of record for purchase orders today. When making purchases for your company, purchasers may not receive the full order right away. Now customers can track how many items in an order were received to maintain records of fully and partially received orders.  

See Purchase Order Documentation  

ESM self-migration mode - Effective today, December 10,2023, ESM self-migration mode is enabled for all customers. Review the detailed migration information and be sure you have the necessary prerequisites in place before you being your migration. You can find the detailed migration information by navigating in SWSD to Setup>Account>Account Summary, and then clicking the "Explore Account Migration" button. You can also see the same information in the Success Center at ESM Migration. 

Providing a holistic view of your assets through JAMF. Many of you have been using our JAMF integration to pull in asset data to manage within SolarWinds Service Desk. With this release, we now pull in your mobile devices through the JAMF integration, completing the view of your Apple/iOS devices.  

See JAMF Documentation 

Also in this release: 

  • Improvements to searches for exact name-matching 
  • Default business hours are now set when creating a new site via API 
  • CC field in new ticket forms is now removable 


See our release notes for additional features. SWSD Release Notes 


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