SWSD August 27th: Improvements for compliance and regulatory requirements

Helping meet strict compliance requirements. Some compliance and regulatory requirements look for proof of authentication on digital signatures. As such, you can now turn on “Require authentication on every approval” to better ensure the person digitally signing an approval in a workflow is the authorized person. View documentation for more information. 


Maintaining accurate records on incident data import. When switching from a different service desk solution to SolarWinds Service Desk, customers often import their data from those other systems but will lose historical Creation Date data. Now when importing incident data from CSV or API customers can update the “Created At” field ensuring proper maintenance of historical data. 


Read the full release notes here in this release include: 

Early Access for Enterprise Service Management (ESM/Beyond IT) 

As many of you know we are entering our early access phase for Enterprise Service Management (ESM), if you would like to be part of this please send an email to your account manager or customer success manager.  


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