SWSD April 14th: ITSM Maturity Model Assessment, Generative AI Features, Virtual Agent Upgrades, and more

Map your path to success with the ITSM Maturity Model:When it comes to IT, we know what good looks like and what better practices are. We think it’s time to give our experience and knowledge back to you in the form of insights and actionable plans to improve your ITSM processes. We’ve built an ITSM Maturity framework where you can audit your current setup, understand where your gaps and improvement opportunities are, and create a plan for progressing your ITSM maturity. We want to help you create a more simplified way of thinking about how you approach ITSM.

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Creating high-performing teams with SolarWinds AI 
Efficiency is the lifeblood of modern IT service management teams. Maximizing budgets and reducing agent exhaustion has become more critical than ever. The new generative AI features in SolarWinds Service Desk are the ultimate helping hand for IT service management teams. We’re excited to introduce the following for Premier customers: 

  • AI Suggested Solutions: Recommends the steps agents can take that would likely resolve the issue based on the ticket's content. 
  • AI Draft Responses: Agents can generate a response with all relevant information in a single click.  
  • AI Incident Summary: Generates an instant ticket summary, no matter how long the thread is, helping new agents get up to speed faster on an existing ticket. Furthermore, upon transitioning a ticket to a 'resolved' state, a resolution summary is automatically generated. This facilitates the agent in reviewing and, if necessary, modifying the summary before proceeding to handle the next ticket, thereby eliminating the need to craft the resolution summary from scratch. 

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Note: SolarWinds AI generative features are currently in labs for US customers only due to AWS region limitations. Amazon will expand its region availability in future releases this year. 

Improve ESM understanding with ticket forwarding analytics and a new single-pane view 
Organizations can now understand collaboration and optimize processes between service providers with analytics on forwarded tickets. With this launch, add two widgets to your organization's dashboard for analytics on tickets forwarded between service providers.  
Furthering visibility efforts in ESM, users can now see a consolidated view of all their open tickets across various service providers. Now, users no longer need to navigate between multiple service providers to see tickets open with each provider. Enhanced unified visibility of ESM is available now through organization Landing page. Additionally, admins can add a widget to the organization Landing page for quick access by navigating to: Organization setup > Global settings > Landing page - Open designer. Update as of April 15th: We received reports of an issue with this feature and are actively working on a fix. The feature is temporarily disabled and will be available again shortly.

Enhance the Virtual Agent experience with new Premier features  
An essential strategy for reducing agent exhaustion is ensuring end-users only submit necessary tickets in the first place. With the release of Out-of-the-Box (OOTB) knowledge articles, Premier customers now have access to a collection of pre-created knowledge base articles that solve the most common IT challenges of end users. The Virtual Agent can leverage these articles aiding end-users in resolving their own problems and reducing the number of incoming tickets. Users will be given a straightforward experience as knowledge articles can be grouped and surfaced based on subject matter, streamlining the self-service process.  

Additionally for Premier customers, we have released the ability to chat with a live agent on MS Teams and Slack, further enhancing the end user’s experience and simplifying their points of entry to service. Learn more about Virtual Agent Premier upgrades, including OOTB Knowledge Articles, live agent chat support on MS Teams, and live agent chat support on Slack.

Other items released:

  • Ability to sort search results 

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