SolarWinds Service Desk Product Updates and Enhancements – Oct 30, 2022 - Incident ID, Scheduled CSV reports, CC override, Reduce notifications

We’re excited to announce the following SolarWinds® Service Desk key feature updates and enhancements. For a complete list, please visit the Service Desk release notes.

Eliminating manual efforts to reference incidents:  We have added the option to show the Object ID for incidents. Using the Object ID value allows you to create a direct link to individual incidents by prefixing it with the account's service desk URL. This makes referencing an incident easy when creating interactive reports, allowing direct access to the details of each incident.

Increasing flexibility by adding the option to export scheduled reports in CSV format: Previously, the only option available to export a scheduled report was PDF format. This made it difficult for users of the report to incorporate data from SolarWinds Service Desk into their system of choice for custom reports. By adding the option to export in CSV format, agents can easily import data available from SolarWinds Service Desk into systems to create more customized reports.

Improving visibility: A new global setting has been added that adjusts the visibility of an incident based on the email CC list versus the ticket’s cc list. That is if the feature is turned on and if the most recent email response to a ticket has a different CC list from the ticket’s CC list, then SolarWinds Service Desk will override the ticket’s CC list with the email CC list and all comments made via email will default to private comments. Previously, when an individual was added to a CC list in an email, they would then receive notifications, but if the individual were removed from the email CC list for sensitivity reasons (for example), SolarWinds Service Desk would not update the cc list and the individual would still receive notifications.

Removing duplicate notifications to minimize noise: Individuals who previously received an email notification of an update also received a second notification from SolarWinds Service Desk. Moving forward, individuals will no longer receive the second notification if this feature is turned on.

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