SolarWinds Service Desk, March 12 Release Highlights: Custom field audits, Capturing discovery source, and Showing custom field usage.

On March 12 we released enhancements to SolarWinds® Service Desk (SWSD). For a complete list of changes, please visit the SolarWinds Service Desk release notes.


Improving visibility

As with anything, it’s difficult to fix issues or find efficiencies if we don’t have a clear line of sight into everything that’s happening. Improving visibility throughout SWSD is always on the top of our mind so that you can get to the answers you need faster. These enhancements alleviate some pain points in areas of asset discovery as well as custom field usage and change history.


  • Maintain team efficiency during the most critical events with proper asset discovery. When it comes to asset & incident management, having the most accurate information on your assets can be the difference between quick resolution or excruciating chaos. Information pulled in during asset discovery may be incomplete if your preferred method of discovery wasn’t used. Now Network & Asset admins can view the discovery method of each asset to ensure they’re using the most appropriate method for the most complete asset data. See Computers and Networked devices.
  • Reduce disruption across your service teams when changing a custom field. Simple changes in a service desk sometimes create unforeseen negative impacts on other teams. Knowing which catalog items and forms use the custom field you’re changing allows you to assess the impact of your changes. Now when agents and admins make changes to custom fields, SWSD will present them with a list of objects using that custom field. See Service catalog for agents or Configure service catalog. Additionally, SWSD will track changes to custom fields, easily reviewable by Admins. See Custom fields audit log.


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