SolarWinds Service Desk Integration With Microsoft Teams and Slack

Nearly every corporate worker has experienced change over the past two years, most likely due to the COVID-19 pandemic, an event that suddenly propelled us into the workplace of the future. Due to remote work, there’s been a significant movement toward chat and collaboration platforms, which are now more crucial than ever. Consequently, businesses have increasingly embraced Microsoft Teams and Slack as communication tools. In fact, in 2022, Microsoft Teams and Slack have 270 million and 18 million active users respectively. Due to the widespread usage of these collaboration technologies, it’s essential to reach end users where they choose to complete their work for convenience and increased productivity. The SolarWinds® Service Desk integration with Slack and Microsoft Teams enables users to request and receive services from within the collaboration app. With the integration, end users can do the following:

  • Open, view, and resolve tickets
  • Add comments, attachments (see note below), categories, and subcategories to tickets
  • Utilize the Microsoft Teams and Slack apps to perform the above tasks

PLEASE NOTE: Due to a limitation with Microsoft Teams, we don’t currently support adding an attachment to tickets created via Microsoft Teams. Additionally, currently the ability to add attachments to tickets created via Slack is available only to customers in the US. Implementation in other regions is planned.

If your end users use both Microsoft Teams and Slack, SolarWinds Service Desk offers the flexibility to use either platform or start on one and continue on the other!

The integrations can help the IT department improve issue resolution times, meet service-level agreements (SLAs), and extract higher value from existing investments at no additional cost.

If you decide to enable this integration/collaboration channel, this is all you need to do:

  • Microsoft Teams: Go to the Microsoft Teams marketplace (AppSource) and search for SolarWinds Service Desk.
  • Slack: Go to the Slack marketplace and search for SolarWinds Service Desk

Our journey doesn’t end here. Our goal is to extract the full potential from the SolarWinds Service Desk integration with Microsoft Teams and Slack—stay tuned for more updates. Please visit the SolarWinds Service Desk integrations page for more information.

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