New Time-Based Automation Enhancements, Integrations Updates, and Additional Service Desk Updates

Integrations Updates
SolarWinds Service Desk and Orion Platform Integration Update
To help you and your team maintain more accurate “First -Response” service-level agreement (SLA) management, Orion® Platform alert updates automatically added to service tickets originally generated from Orion Platform alerts won’t be considered an active action from an SLA perspective.

Workflow and Automation
1. Time-Based Automation for Comments
This week, we added one more trigger for our recently introduced Time-Based Automation Rules. This trigger allows you to send automatic notifications based on a comment being updated (or not) during a certain time frame.
One good example of the value of this new capability would be sending an automatic email notification about a record if no comments were added for five hours after the assignment or after the requester’s reply.

2. Change Automation Rules Enhancements
In this release, we added two new automation rules scopes for Change. The first allows you to specify the change type to which a given automation rule refers. For example, if you’d like to configure a rule for automatically updating a Change request of the Emergency type to a high priority, you can limit the scope to this change type to do so.

The second enhancement allows you to automatically notify stakeholders about any ad hoc change requests by adding a new drop-down menu for admins to specify whether a change request has been generated by the Change Catalog (Yes) or is an Ad Hoc Change (No).

Agent Productivity
1. Automatically Copy an Incident’s Resolution to Related Incidents
Starting today, you have the ability to simplify and accelerate the process of closing related incidents by checking a new checkbox below the description field:

General Service Desk Enhancements
1.SLA Updates
Starting today, you no longer need to duplicate SLA definitions to have them apply to multiple combinations of categories or subcategories. Let’s say you want to set up the same SLA for both Network/Access issues and Network/Performance issues. With this enhancement, you can create the SLA definition once and the apply it to both Network subcategories using the new multi-pick fields.

CMDB and Discovery
Edit Configuration Item Type
Historically, you weren’t able to change the type of a configuration item once it was created. This caused issues if the configuration item was created with the wrong type or if you expanded the types you use in your organization. You can now change the configuration item’s type after creation! This will allow you to make sure the type attached to each configuration item is correct so you can ensure you have the correct view of your organization’s configuration items.

Coming Soon Out of Labs
Newly Revamped Reports
If you haven’t had a chance to check out this section in Labs, you still have some time to familiarize yourself with it before it gets out of Labs and becomes generally available. For more info on the report's enhancements, click here.

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