May 21 Release: SolarWinds AI – Your Service Desk Sidekick

We are excited to announce SolarWinds AI in Service Desk – your agents' new sidekick, with powerful generative AI features helping teams get to better resolutions, faster. 

AI and other automations have been available in SolarWinds Service Desk for years, helping agents and end-users get to where they need to go to find resolutions. Today, we're taking it up a notch (or three) with our new generative AI capabilities.  

Now, customers on the Premier plan can leverage our new SolarWinds AI features to supercharge their agents and teams on Service Desk. These features are currently only available to customers in US data centers, with plans for support across more data centers. 

Built on the SolarWinds foundation of AI by Design, these capabilities are the ultimate helping hand for IT service management teams, using generative features directly within an agent's workflow to help drastically reduce manual and repetitive tasks, leading to empowered, high-performing teams and processes. SolarWinds AI is the ultimate helping hand for IT service management teams, using generative automation features directly within an agent’s workflow to help drastically reduce manual and repetitive tasks, leading to empowered, high-performing teams and processes. 

SolarWinds AI helps boost efficiency and overall experiences 

Many teams and departments face similar challenges when making services available to other teams and employees. These teams will often face the following: 

  • Agents feeling overwhelmed by their workload, leading to an increase in employee turnover 
  • Wasted time and company resources on repetitive and tedious tasks 
  • Resolution processes are not standardized across teams and can confuse employees and end-users 
  • User satisfaction is struggling due to missed SLAs 

With SolarWinds AI in Service Desk, teams who struggle with any of the above can start to overcome these challenges, shortcutting time-consuming tasks agents have, meaning they spend less time on each ticket, can get through more of them faster, and create better resolutions (and happier users) in a fraction of the time. 

What specific features are being launched as part of SolarWinds AI?  

While Service Desk uses traditional AI, surfacing suggested articles in the customer portal and guiding users towards self-service resolutions with Virtual Agent, the generative AI launch brings efficiencies for service management teams to the next level. SolarWinds Al features are the ultimate partner, available right within the process where agents need them most, helping increase accuracy and efficiency and lowering agents' time to resolution.  

Below is a quick overview of the functionality of the features: 

  • AI suggested solutions surfaces the processes likely to resolve the issue based on the ticket's content. It also flags missing information needed from the end-user to resolve the ticket, which can be requested by the agent.  
  • AI draft responses give agents suggested text to send as a response to the ticket submitter with all the relevant information they need. They can also create draft resolution text when a ticket is ready to be resolved. 
  • AI incident summary generates a summary of all comments and communication on the ticket, helping streamline collaboration as tickets get passed around to teams or agents. 

Are you looking to get started with SolarWinds AI right away? Get a jump-start and review our documentation. For the customers that have already turned on the capability in Labs as part of our beta test, we will keep your deployment in labs until this weekend to give you time to be prepared and modify permissions. Not on a Premier plan? Speak with your account manager about the benefits of upgrading to access SolarWinds AI, Runbooks, Virtual Agent Premier, and Visual CMDB dependency mapping. 

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below. See what else we're working on. 

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