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Bring the Duration Heat Map into your Logs module.

Hi folks

This one's becoming a deal breaker against DataDog and your competitors. We have a few customers we can't convince to come across to SWO because of this. 

The Logs capability of SWO is incredible, the interface is good, and the alerting capability is great, but many of our customers are processing 30,000,000 logs a month (as an example) and they aren't the experts on the applications that are sending logs to the log module. 

You have tracing in SWO -> APM -> Duration Heat Maps. Building that same capability into Logs showing large or anomalous logs (toggle between both) would put you miles ahead of the competition and i'd be bundling SWO Logs into every deal we do as a service provider. I've mocked up how it could look below. 

We want to be able to filter down to time of data and find the smoking gun quicker even if we aren't experts in the logs. This is direct feedback from our customers.