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Allow IPAM to exclude non DHCP scopes from showing high IP % use (showing as yellow or red) in the Managed Subnets & IP addreses view

Unfortunatelly, the IPAM display of IP ranges exceeding the 75% of IP addresses used within each scopes.

We opened a case# with Solarwinds support (# 01539113) and it appears that it is a global setting and does not allow the exclusion of certains IP ranges when IP range scan takes place.

Stated by Solarwinds support within the ticket #:

"As previously mentioned, the icon for warning/critical IP usage on subnets in IPAM is currently working by design and we are happy to know that we were able to help you exclude those /30 CIDR subnets in the IPAM IP usage alert. What we could do is to submit this a feature request to have the option to exclude such as small subnets such as /30 CIDR (commonly used for non DHCP scopes connections) for the warning/critical IP usage icon."

Certain IP ranges used within our environment - typically /30 (CDIR = 30) are to be displayed in yellow or red due to this limitation.
Those small IP ranges are not used as DHCP scopes.  They only have two available addresses and usualy both addressed are used.  

See attached screen capture.

We should have a way within IPAM to exclude IP ranges from turning yellow or red in the "Manage Subnets and IP Addresses" view.