Looking for advice on integrating SolarWinds with ServiceNow

Hello Thwack community,

I'm currently monitoring our network and IT infrastructure with SolarWinds, and I'd want to link it with our ServiceNow instance. I'd want to be able to produce ServiceNow incidents automatically based on SolarWinds notifications.

Has anyone had luck integrating SolarWinds with ServiceNow? If yes, could you kindly share your experience as well as any advice or best practices you discovered to be useful?

Also, I'd want to know if any integration tools or plugins are available to help with the integration process.

Thank you for your help!

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  • I have integrated our SW HCO environment with SNow using the out-of-the-box plugins. That part is pretty straight forward if you walk through the documentation linked in the other comments. I also expanded the integration with some custom coding to:

    • Sync change windows from SNow into SolarWinds maintenance windows
    • Syncing CMDB data from SNow to SolarWinds custom properties
  • We are trying to do this now for ServiceGraph Connector from ServiceNow to Solarwinds for asset CMDB polling information. The out of the box settings .. we keep getting the following error when we try doing a Test Load on Servicenow side.. HTTP 400 empty attachement value found .. 

    Can you confirm for me your HTTP Solarwinds configurations for the ServiceGraph Connector? FYI i have tried SOAP/REST also same response.. the only thing that produces a different message is when we play around with the BasePath location below..

    We are running the latest stable/relase from Orion NPM/SAM/NTA

    Any help is appreciated  

  • Hi  , we aren't using the Service Graph Connector from ServiceNow, just the "SolarWinds Alert Integration". So, I'm not sure what the settings should be on that one. We wrote our own CMDB integration because the Service Graph Connector didn't really meet our needs.

    Did you already migrate SWIS to 17774? If so, you may want to try changing that. 

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