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Mandatory to Choose Polling Engine in Global Orion Deployment.

Hello all,

In the large scale, global Orion deployment, the default polling engine goes to Primary.  Is there a way to change this behavior to a mandatory or required field to enter, so the user must pick a polling engine to add a node?


  • Educating the users to change the polling engine if they are manually adding them is probably best. I am not aware of a method to force users to pick a different one. I suspect a an alert with a scripted action to move a node a different poller based on a given custom property and polling engine id would work too.  

  • Are you deploying agents or adding nodes manually via the WebUI? We use SCCM and ansible for deployments and have different configs for areas to help semi load balance our pollers. It's not perfect and we still move nodes manually from time to time, but it helps by not having all new nodes going to the same poller. When we do an upgrade we just replace the base file and the mst file stays the same.