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GCP and SolarWinds Observability

I understand from the "SolarWinds Day: Empowering our Community virtual event", SolarWinds Observability can observe applications running on GCP. How can this be done? What exactly do you mean by "observe"

  • It is correct - SolarWinds Observability is a SaaS solution designed to support pure cloud, hybrid, or multi-cloud environments. It can observe VMs in Google Compute Engine using universal SolarWinds Agent; it can observe Google Cloud SQL databases (PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server, and MongoDB); it can observe Kubernetes clusters in Google Cloud; it can instrument Java, Python, Ruby, Node.js and Ruby applications running in GCP

    You can ask – what is different compared to AWS and Azure support? For those cloud providers, SolarWinds Observability has agent-less integrations with Azure Monitor and AWS Cloud Watch. We plan to add agent-less integration with Google Cloud Monitoring as part of the roadmap. Meanwhile, one can send GCP metrics via the OpenTelemetry endpoint and forward logs using syslog or HTTP protocols.

    You will be surprised how quickly you will get visibility into your infrastructure and apps without spending much money. And if you have resources in another cloud provider or on-prem, you will really appreciate our multi-cloud capabilities.

  • Is the GCP agent-less support going to be available in the upcoming releases? 

  • Yes. GCP agent-less support is on the roadmap.