SQL Users for Orion across domains

We currently use local SQL accounts for our SolarWinds installation but want to move to using domain accounts.

I see the permissions requirements are documented here: solarwindscore.my.site.com/.../SQL-permission

My question is related to our infrastructure. We have two domains in our setup. DomainA contains the main pollers and three sets of additional pollers. DomainB contains one set of additional pollers.

Our intention is to create domain users like DomainA\OrionDatabaseUser, DomainA\OrionNetflowUser, DomainA\OrionLogUser, for the Orion database, the netflow database, and the log analyzer database.

I'm worried that if we do this, the additional pollers in DomainB won't be able to connect to the databases any more. What will happen in this scenario?