Nodes Inventory and Listing their resources

Hi - I am looking to get a way to list all of our Nodes and include what resources are being monitoring.

Using SWQL, I can get the nodes inventory but it doesn't include what resources are included with the nodes. 

Thank you

  • Try this. 

        ,[Nodes].Volumes.Caption AS [Volume]
        ,[Nodes].Volumes.StatusDescription AS [VolumeStatusDescription]
        ,[Nodes].Interfaces.Name AS [InterfaceName] 
        ,[Nodes].Interfaces.StatusDescription AS [InterfaceStatusDescription]
        ,[Nodes].Applications.DisplayName AS [ApplicationDisplayName]
        ,[Nodes].Applications.StatusDescription AS [ApplicationStatusDescription]    
        ,[Nodes].Applications.Components.Name AS [ComponentName]
        ,[Nodes].Applications.Components.StatusDescription AS [ComponentStatusDescription]
    FROM Orion.Nodes
    Where [Nodes].ObjectSubType LIKE '%WMI%' OR [Nodes].ObjectSubType LIKE '%AGENT%'  OR [Nodes].ObjectSubType LIKE '%SNMP%'
    Order BY [Nodes].Caption ASC

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