What We're Working On for SolarWinds Observability (Updated: November 2022)

SolarWinds Observability

SolarWinds Observability is a new, powerful, SaaS-based observability offering that unifies and extends visibility across the entire technology stack, supporting your modern and custom web applications to help ensure key business services meet service level objectives and deliver the optimal user experience.  As excited as we are about this new offering, we are equally excited about all the additional capabilities we will deliver over the upcoming months and quarters.  Below will give you a sense of what we are working on.

  • SolarWinds Observability Platform (SaaS)
    • SolarWinds Observability datacenters in EMEA and APJ
    • AWS Marketplace Integration
    • Open Telemetry (OTel) plugin framework
    • Public API
    • Enhancement of Health Score
    • Smart search integration
  • Infrastructure
    • Enhancement in K8s Observability
    • Relationship of the Cloud services, Integrations
  • Application
    • Enhancing DB and Application trace correlation
    • Python Agents
  • Logs
    • Onboarding improvement
    • Log archiving
    • Log usage dashboard
    • New Logs API
  • Database
    • Database instance overview
    • Service and instance centric views, Query details, Samples, Metrics and Events dashboards
    • improved onboarding experience
  • Digital Experience
    • SSL Certificate Monitoring,
    • Real User Monitoring (RUM) with Single App Support
  • Network
    • Broad monitoring across a breadth of networking tech - including Routers, Switches, Firewalls, LB, Wireless AP
    • Flow Monitoring - Top Apps, Top Conv, Top Protocols, Top End points for All Flows, East-West traffic, North-south traffic

If you don't see the features you are looking for, please review the requested features in the SolarWinds Observability Features Request area and vote on or add your own ideas.

— The SolarWinds Observability Product Team

  • Hey folks, ex Loop1 CTO here, and ex SolarWinds staff member. My old account was nerfed because it ended up being an employee login so i lost all my connections. 

    Any updates on the SWO roadmap? I was directed here by a SolarWinds rep but it's a bit sparse. 

  • Any news on expanding 'Device View' support for more vendors/machine types? Looking through the current HCO demo, there's only a couple of devices which seem to support it (Cisco Catalyst 2960-48PST-L and Juniper EX2200-24T). I wouldn't want to see this feature die on the vine, as it's a really useful support tool for field engineers, providing helpful pre-visualisation of problem interface location prior to being on-site to resolve.

    Is there a current list of vendors/models which support this, for reference?

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