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Conversion from B to MB done with the Rong way

Hello Team, So the issue is when export the values from a real time polling , i released that the conversion from B to MB is Done with the wrong Way,Below is an example of the issue: the limited (physically) of an interface on a node monitored by Solarwinds is 1GB , But as you can see on the screenshot some times it reach 1.12 GB or more, So i exported the values calculated and notice that the values collected from the device are correct but the conversion to MegaB is the issue, The formule used by Solarwinds for the conversion is MB= B/1000000 but the one that should be used is MB= B/1048576 , Please Find attached the export from solarwinds of the values calculated The Blue one is the correct value and the yellow box is how Solarwinds calculate the value which is the same on the screenshot below [cid:d32683a3-73aa-40c5-a7f6-437c096609b8] Best Regards, FARAH
  • Yes, I understand that technically KB=1000B (decimal), and KiB=1024B (binary), but sorry, (No matter what IEC says) the general community uses KB/MB/GB as the binary (1024) version for most situations dealing with bit and bytes, with the exception of raw drive sizes, and that is more of a marketing thing than a technical thing.