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NCM Config Downloads

Curious if any one can assist me with this as I'm not a solarwinds expert by any means.

I'm updating some nodes as the current NCM information is incorrect and it is not downloading configs - I've updated the details of my nodes and tested NCM can connect and received a "Test successful" message.

However, when I go into the node and go to the "Configs" tab - the button on the page which is provided for downloading a running config, does not respond when clicked on.

If I mouse over the button, the pointer will change to the "Finger" pointer, indicating a clickable link / button - But when clicking nothing happens. I've left the page for a good few minutes with no action, and I've even tried on a device which has recently downloaded a backup - but I still cannot make solarwinds perform a manual download.

Can anyone provide any advice as to why this is? I have attempted this in firefox and Internet explorer, with the same result in each browser.

I have confirmed that the NCM test was successful, but I wanted to get a recent config in solarwinds after altering the NCM config backup settings as the devices haven't been backed up since 2017 - I know I can do this manually by logging on to the device, but I wanted to do this through solarwinds to ensure 100% that it is now able to download configs without any issues.

Any response would be greatly apprecited.