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solarwinds forward log to rsyslog

Hello everybody 

I have a rsyslog server om cenos7, I wan't forword log from solarwinds to rsyslog, I don't know config 

Who can help me? 

Thank best !

  • That's a little unusual, unless you've purchased Log Analyzer or something, the SW syslog server isn't the best, so usually people have their syslogs going elsewhere, like to a rsyslog server and forward to the SW syslog server what they might want displayed with the devices.   Maybe it would make better sense to set up your rsyslog server to take the syslog messages initially and forward to Orion instead?    

    For those that aren't Linux fans, its suggested to use one or more Kiwi Syslog servers to take in the syslogs coming from the devices and send what is requried on to the SW syslog server.

    But, if you really want to have SW forward the log messages, I think its possible, but first you need to figure out what Syslog server you're running?    The old syslog server was an actual application on the server itself, you couldn't control it from the Web GUI.    The new version I think first became an option in the latests versions of SW, 2019.4 and beyond.   You would get to its settings under "Settings" "Log and Event Settings" and then what you probably want would be under "Manage Log Processing Rules".    If you are under the older version, I would highly recommend upgrading first, otherwise you will work on it and then once you upgrade things will change pretty drastically...

    Let us know which version your running and such!