Using Bearer token authentication in Solarwinds http script monitor


I have a requirement to create some Solarwinds http script monitors using Bearer token authentication.  The script monitors will use the Powershell Invoke-WebRequest applet to execute the request. 

"generic" way to represent the authentication portion of the Invoke-WebRequest looks like this:

$header = @{

  "Authorization"="Bearer <loooooooong string of hex digits>"

However, for this application I want to put the looooooooong string of digits into the Solarwinds credential store (you can create a credential with a Bearer token). 

Trying to figure out the best way to reference the credential store entry in the $header section of the web request rather than entering the long hex string itself in the $header.

I'm thinking about the Parameters section of the script monitor (above the script code itself).  Something like '-Authorization <name of credential>'.

I welcome any input from the community about the best way to incorporate a Bearer token credential from the Solarwinds credential store in an http monitor using Powershell.


  • Note that I am still working on this issue.

    My script monitor works fine with the Bearer token represented in plain text in the script body.  However, I'm still working to obfuscate the credential:

    1. All settings >> credentials >> manage api poller credentials.  Allows me to add a Bearer token credential.  However, these credentials do not show up when I use the Credential drop down in the SAM application template.
    2. SAM settings >> credentials library.  This credential store appears to offer username/password only.  No option for Bearer tokens that I can find.
    3. All settings >> Manage API Pollers.  I'm having no luck with this.  It appears that the API poller applet wants to browse a URL and return a list of objects.  In my case I need to run a PromQL query against an Openshift "Thanos" endpoint and return data.  A simple browse won't help much.

    Any ideas from the community would be much appreciated.  Cheers.

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